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Self​-​replicating Intelligent Spawn

by Przemysław Rudź



This is a completed and implemented idea of the musical triptych, whose content has become a subjective attempt to illustrate the various issues related to humanity and its place in the vast abyss of the Cosmos. This album crowned more than a year of hard work, full of surprising ideas, twists and turns, moments of contentment and despair. On the ideological base it is a story about ourselves - people of early twenty-first century, drawing handfuls of the previous generations achievements, but mainly looking to the future with the new thoughts and aspirations. The world is divided, it is full of contrasts and contradictions. Dynamically developing societies float like islands in an ocean of misery, wars and conflicts, or even the most ordinary stupidity. Is there any advice, whether and what should be done to this planet for it to become a happy home for representatives of Homo Sapiens? History teaches us that our defective human nature undergoes a scheduled repair process: construction of a new man, which then leads to mass murder, followed by genocide on an unprecedented scale. All this happens in the name of social justice, class struggle, or a paranoid desire to exalt his own nation over other nations. Some have said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. There is a lot of brutal truth in that statement, unfortunately...

It seems to me that the most important thing in human life is freedom. Freedom to do anything that does not limit the freedom of another person. The freedom to shape the environment but to leave the blue globe in the best condition for our successors, full of beautiful landscapes, clean air and crystal water. Freedom to work, think, educate, exchange ideas, achieve balance of these resources for our use in daily life, and the subsequent realization of dreams. Increasing globalization makes these ideas of freedom more real. If people of different nationalities, religion, and beliefs are able to communicate at great distances quickly and learn to know each other - why does war, armed conflict, religious extremism and terrorism still exist? Albert Einstein once spoke a very accurate idea that he does not know what weapons a man will use in a third world war, but he is convinced that if it comes, the fourth world war will be a war fought with clubs. Will we militarily destroy ourselves or genetically degenerate?

Let's use the time given to us on the Earth to make our planet beautiful and simultaneously make ourselves better. Let the cosmic ether carry a message from mankind - we are here, we live and work here, we have fun, reproduce, grow older and die. Here, finally, we explore the mysteries of the Universe, to be able sometime in the future to go on a great journey towards new horizons. As hominids driven by the search for better conditions of life and an innate curiosity left Africa and populated other continents, so people of future millenia will leave Earth to find more favorable ecosphere for them. The self-replicating intelligent spawn - that's us!

Graphics: www.michalkarcz.com


released November 1, 2010


all rights reserved



Przemysław Rudź Gdańsk, Poland

Born in 1976 (Elbląg, Poland), a graduate of the University of Gdańsk - geographer/climatologist, science popularizer, author of books for astronomy enthusiasts, composer and performer of progressive electronic music.

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